Self-Storage Marketing: How You Can Up Your Game During COVID-19

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Self-storage is a growing industry, and it pays to adjust your marketing strategy for maximum effect. Use these tips to keep your marketing strong through the pandemic

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Self-storage is a growing industry, and that means there’s plenty of opportunities for growth if you take advantage of that fact. As a growing industry, you and your competitors will be struggling to get a piece of the pie. That’s where strong SEO comes in; investing in SEO for your Toronto business is an effective method of attracting nearby customers and carving out a niche for yourself. It’s more important than ever, even as the pandemic continues, to improve your SEO and ensure you advertise your brand. Take note of these marketing tips to keep yourself in the game. 

  1. Build your Google My Business page

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Claiming your Google My Business page is a simple, but effective way to improve your online presence. A GMB page helps manage your site details including address, contact details, and operating hours, and keep that information up to date.
As the pandemic has made it difficult for many customers to find necessary services, a GMB page may be an excellent answer to that problem. Listing your essential information allows you to share any changes you’ve made to your business model with potential customers. Keeping your customers in the loop goes a long way toward building goodwill and getting them to use your service.

  1. Create interesting content
    Content creation is a great way to make a good impression with your customers. Think of it as another service you can offer your clients above and beyond your regular business services. With so many people still finding it difficult to get around, offering online content for them to browse is an effective way to make an impression. Now may be a great time to get started on building up effective content for would-be clients stuck at home.
    Focus your content creation efforts on making informative blog posts related to self-storage. How-to articles on how to store electronic devices effectively or how self-storage can pay off for small businesses are a few examples that may work for you. Making yourself a guru in the self-storage industry is a great way to create helpful content that targets a specific niche and build trust with your readers.
  2. Make some self-storage videos

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Your content doesn’t have to be limited to written content. Videos are a dynamic medium that offers interesting approaches to augment your Toronto self-storage SEO strategies. Make your own videos to give your clients an idea of what to expect from your self-storage facility. Video tours of your facility is a good place to start. Show off what perks and security measures you have to offer. You can also make videos introducing your staff to put a friendly face on your business, so to speak.
Keep in mind that many of your customers may find it difficult to personally take a look around your facility as of now. Videos, particularly virtual tours, are a useful alternative. Use your videos to make a good impression on any clients that can’t personally visit. Videos are also a great way to communicate your value proposition within a short timeframe.

  1. Focus on online rentals
    With so many people still finding it difficult to move around outside, it’s a good idea to offer ways to use your services remotely. Consider investing in online rentals to make it easier for clients to rent your units. Rather than make a call or fill out paperwork in person, your clients can make use of your services from the comfort of home. It may take some time to update your website, but creating a system for online rentals can pay off in the end. Having an easier process for renting in place is a great incentive for would-be clients. You may even be surprised to find more prospects choosing your units because of how easy your system is.

The ongoing pandemic may have brought some challenges to normal business operations, but there are ways to pivot. The situation has its share of opportunities for self-storage businesses, and now is a good time to make some adjustments to attract more prospects. Keep these tips in mind to help pivot your marketing efforts and get more attention from would-be clients. 


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